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Premix Concrete

Available in Mini or Maxi loads 0.4 cubic meters – 7.6 cubic meters, 15mpa – 60mpa. The concrete is made from high quality locally sourced materials, ensuring an excellent quality product at low prices. All our concrete is regularly tested by a local independent company which guarantees Australian Standards quality is strictly met and constantly monitored. At Newport Premix we pay the highest level of importance on the quality of our mini mix concrete products for the satisfaction of our Melbourne clients and customers.

We specialise in supplying concrete for the following:
  • Slabs
  • Paving
  • Stenciled/Patterned Paving
  • Coloured Concrete
    (Refer to TCM link for Colour options)
  • Kerb Machine Mix
  • Pools/Spray Crete
  • Waterproof Concrete
  • Stumps, underpinning
  • Re-blockers Mix
  • Core Block Fill
  • Granno Mix
  • Stabilized Sand
  • No Fines Concrete
  • Off White Bright Light Cement
The following products are also available:
  • Reinforcing Mesh/ Starter Bars
  • Bar Chairs
  • Concrete Sealer/Solvents
  • MBT Exposed / Xypex Water proofer
  • Builders Black Poly
  • Expansion Joint
  • Colour Oxides
  • Various Tools and Accessories

Mini Mix Concrete Melbourne

Are you in need of prompt and reliable concrete delivery service to your property? Have you been searching for an honest and reliable concreting team who won’t charge you through the roof? Drawing on years of professional and innovative experience the team at Newport Premix are here for you. Our superior equipment and transportation options ensure that your needs and requirements will be met on time everytime. To find out more about our high-quality mini mix concrete Melbourne residents can feel free to contact us today.