pre mix Concrete

Q. What maximum quantity do your concrete trucks carry?

A. Mini – 2.6 cubic meters, Maxi – 6 cubic meters,  Twin steer - 7.6 cubic meters

Q. What is the minimum amount of concrete I can order?

A. 0.4 cubic meters,

Q. What is the waiting time?

A. We allow 25 minutes to unload a Mini truck and 30 Minutes to unload a Maxi truck. All time taken after this will be charged at $2.00 per minute (subject to change without notice).

Q. What is the height of your trucks?

A. Mini – 3.4 meters (empty), Maxi – (3.6 Meters empty).

Q. What is the width of your trucks?

A. Mini – 2.4 meters, Maxi – 2.5 meters.

Q. Can an order be cancelled due to poor weather?

A. Cancellations will be accepted 2 hours prior to delivery time booked. Failure to do so will require order to be paid in full.

Q. Can I collect my own concrete?

A. No.

Building & Garden Supplies

Q. What is the minimum amount you will deliver?

A. ¼ meter of bulk products.

Q. Can you deliver more than one type of product in the same delivery?

A. Yes up to two products.

Q. Do you sell products in bags?

A. Yes, all products are available in 20ltr bags or 1 cubic meter bulker bags (1 days' notice required for 1 meter bulker bags).